22 JUMP Street will TID January 08 2014, 651 Comments


Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill are back in action for 22 Jump Street. Check out the new trailer below! 


Most TID 21 Jump Street Quotes:


Schmidt: Dude, everybody's two strapping it.
Jenko: Just stay with the one strap.
Schmidt: I can't! I can't! I can't ride it out.
[he puts both straps of his backpack on]
Jenko: What are you doing? What are you doing? Don't succumb to the pier pressure. What are you doing?
Schmidt: You're supposed to use two straps! One strap is pier pressure.
Jenko: No! No! You're fucking it up.


Schmidt: Okay, so we stayed up all night making this. It's awesome, you're really gonna like it. All yarn work was done by Jenko.
Jenko: Okay, Captain. Look, the dealers are the popular kids, but they're not normal popular. They're these crunchy granola dudes that have convinced everyone that they're cool. But they're not cool. It's backwards and unnatural and it's gotta be stopped.
Schmidt: The dealer, Eric Molson, Alpha dog, sick chicks, killer steeze, did the Aids run this year. He's getting into Berkeley, early admish, and he totally gets me.
Captain Dickson: Who put this together? Are you autistic?
Schmidt: It is artistic, sir. 
[both Schmidt and Jenko start talking at the same time trying to explain their chart]
Schmidt: Because the thing is the yarn actually indicates all the different people. Like this guy he got drugs for this person...
Jenko: Um...um...we're compiling a list of suspicious types at school who uses it. This kid here was actually talking to a tree this morning...
Captain Dickson: Cut the bullshit! I wanna know who's the supplier.
[Schmidt points to a picture with a silhouette of a face and giant question mark in the middle of it]
Schmidt: We don't know. That's why there's a question mark on his face. That's not the way his face looks, that's just a question mark.
Captain Dickson: Infiltrate the dealers, find the supplier! Simple!