New LT Documentary - Amazing September 25 2013, 0 Comments

Lawrence Taylor's new documentary titled LT: The Life & Times, airing on showtime, is amazing. Any contemporary football fan who knows LT refers to the greatest defensive player to ever play the game of football, not the decent running back LaDainian Tomlinson, will appreciate the documentary which takes you through LT's incredible career as a NY Football Giant and hits on his off the field troubles with alcohol, drugs and women, his Hall of Fame induction, and much more. The interviews are well done and include a variety of teammates, friends, coaches and NY Sports writers like the great Steve Serby; be sure to pay special attention to the amazing bond LT shared with Coach Parcels and Boomer Esiason's hater comments... Guy's a real jerk. 


The documentary is very well done and informative, but the best part is LT's closing answer to the final question, "Years from now when you're an old man, how would you describe LT?"






Go G-Men