Eli, Peyton & Cooper September 17 2013, 0 Comments

TID stumbled upon this hysterical article recently reported by the New Orleans Business Journal and had to share it. Yes, if you haven't noticed TID supports its New York Football Giants and we show respect to ALL the Manning Brothers... even if the Bronco's put a hurting on the G-Men this past Sunday.


After several questions in a row about the upcoming matchup between Peyton’s Broncos and Eli’s Giants, the 39 year-old Cooper snapped and said: “I thought this article was about me? I thought this was about energy capital development in the Gulf Coast region? Everyone thinks football is so important. But it’s just a game. Energy runs the world, you get me? Not football. Energy. And Peyton and Eli don’t know shit about energy investment equity.”

“People think Peyton is smart?” continued Cooper, now shouting. “He’s a dumbass. Trust me on this. He knows nothing but football. He thinks a good business investment is buying up a bunch of Papa Johns franchises in f–king Denver. And you’re going to condescend to me? To me? A partner at Howard Weil? I’m not the failure of the family. Get out of my office!”


FYI, it turns out the average revenue for a Papa John's chain (on an annual basis) is close to $1 million so... who's the dumbass...?





Go G-Men!