About Us

In college, my strength and conditioning coach would always emphasize that you need to “take your squat to 90 degrees” and the deeper you went beyond this angle, the more difficult and the better workout you achieved. Often this command would be followed with “take it deep!” by my fellow teammates in a sarcastic, yet serious tone. How else are you supposed to get through countless hours of lifting?

As this phrase seemed to be thrown my teammates and I countless times throughout the years, I began to subconsciously incorporate this simple phrase into my daily life. Over time I began to see how “taking it deep” wasn’t purely associated with athletics. When I decide to do something, I might as well take the extra step and make sure I was taking it deep.

Over the course of the past 6 years, "Take It Deep" (TID) has taken on a meaning all its own and has become a phrase I identify with, am passionate about, and it’s something I believe applies to a multitude of experiences that everyone faces within their daily lives.

Take it Deep isn’t just an apparel company, it’s a philosophy that promotes creativity and new experiences.

We certainly hope this isn’t the last time we meet, but if it is:

Stay Active, Get involved, & Take it Deep.