The Process

Our screen prints are done with the utmost of care and precision and with the highest quality inks. All prints are done by hand to ensure that each print receives the proper care and attention. All TID t-shirts are manufactured in the USA. We’re currently in the midst of purchasing a Digital Printer as well, this will help expand our options when it comes to print locations and size.

Each shirt is inspected thoroughly prior to printing.

Once the artwork and invoice are approved, the garments are ordered (3-5 day delivery).

  • Artwork is outputted to film
  • Screens are cleaned (2-3 days)
  • Screens are emulsioned (1 day)
  • Artwork is burned onto screens
  • Screens are aligned (30 min-1hr)
  • Test prints are made to ensure alignment
  • Full run of prints begin (roughly 1 – 5 mins per shirt, depending on # of colors)

Upon the completion of the print, each shirt is allowed the proper time to let the print settle. Then we inspect each print to guarantee the print is flawless. Only then do we pass along our product to our supporters.

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