Vintage Conan T-Shirt


The greatest 80's action star to ever grace the silver screen is Arnold Schwarzenegger. A living legend, Schwarzenegger was Mr. Olympia seven times, the highest paid hollywood actor in the mid 90's, married to a Kennedy and the governor of California. All this from a modest Austrian immigrant! In short, Arnold Schwarzenegger takes it deep and we wanted to celebrate his TID lifestyle by creating a t-shirt that recalls one of his best movie lines ever! This vintage graphic t-shirt has an infamous quote from Conan the Barbarian. Conan is asked "What is best in life?" His response couldn't be better.

  • A lightweight, 50/50 (cotton/polyester) Next Level navy blue t-shirt
  • Form Fitting
  • The perfect t-shirt for Crushing Your Enemies
  • Cold wash, tumble dry low or hang dry
  • Made in America


 *Model images coming soon